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Stand Together or Fall Apart was written for professionals who work or are preparing to work with immigrant children and their families. It includes principles of practice that will assist social workers, teachers, counsellors, settlement workers, early childhood educators, child and youth care workers, and other service providers seeking to establish mutually respectful, productive relationships that support the integration of immigrant families.

The strategies commonly employed by educators and social service practitioners have overlooked the strengths of immigrant families. Judith K. Bernhard argues that immigrants have deep cultural, familial and communal resources that can aid their integration and that these resources need to be recognized and tapped by professionals.

Stand Together or Fall Apart introduces several innovative research-based programs and helps readers understand the struggles of immigrants and become better able to assist them as they adjust to life in a new country. The basic principles of these programs are elaborated with specific examples from the most promising research.

Professors, instructors and workshop leaders are invited to visit the Ways to Use the Book page and download a free, 45-page, chapter-by chapter guide including dozens of learning activities to support their use of Stand Together or Fall Apart as a teaching resource.

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