Ways To Use The Book

Instructors using Stand Together or Fall Apart: Professionals Working with Immigrant Families are invited to download a free collection of teaching and learning activities. This 45-page resource was developed to assist instructors planning entire courses focusing on working with immigrant families as well as instructors planning units within courses that prepare students to work with all types of families.

The teaching and learning activities include a wide variety of discussion questions, homework suggestions, in-class activities, and term projects. The teaching and learning activities were developed to reinforce the philosophy embedded in Stand Together or Fall Apart. The activities are intended to elicit and build on students’ funds of knowledge, encourage students to evaluate the policy environments in which they work or will work after graduation, and gain experience taking action to improve problematic local conditions.

Instructors are invited to select activities that are consistent with their individual teaching styles, goals of their courses, and interests of their students. The activities are intended to provide starting points as instructors plan methodologies for their courses. It is expected that instructors will modify the activities and tailor them to suit their unique situations. The teaching and learning activities are not presented as recipes to be followed.

If you would like to download Teaching Resources for Professors, please complete the form below and click “Submit.” You will receive instant access and occasionally receive additional information from the author related to working with immigrant families.

Download Free Teaching Resources for Professors

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